Gunsmithing Services


Todd Fransen (Master Gunsmith)



On-Site Gunsmith Services

  • Full Gunsmithing and Machining

  • Trigger and action jobs

  • 1911 tuning and upgrades

  • Custom AR builds and upgrades

  • Damaged part replacement

  • Sight installation

  • Almost anything related to firearms

Who He Is:

  • A Master Machinist and Gunsmith since 1993.

  • Founder and owner of Parts limited which stocks thousands of Colt, Smith & Wesson, and other popular firearms manufacturer’s parts.

  • Master gunsmith and armorer for Military Weapons and Technology Corp. (MWAT) in Pahrump, NV for 5 years. 

 Accomplishments outside of simple gun repair:

  • Designed and built a side charging handle upper and a better bull barrel for the AR-15.  DPMS currently sells that product. 

  • Co-developed the MUSOG Socom 1911 for the Marine Recon Expeditionary Forces currently in Iraq and Afghanistan.

  • Armscorp contracted Mr. Fransen to travel country-wide to modify 1700, 1911s to Mr. Fransen’s recommended specifications.

  • Master gunsmith and armorer for Mustang Range during their machine gun shoots. 

    • The responsibility included and was not limited to the running, maintenance, and cleaning of over 30 machine guns, both belt fed and sub, for the duration of the shoots.   

    • These weapons operated in extreme conditions defined as: 1500 to 3400 people shooting these 30 guns over a 3 day period in the desert heat, with weapons breaks every 45 minutes.

Why use Todd Fransen:
He has been fixing handguns, rifles, and shotguns since 1993 and now has opened up Verdi Armory to cater to the gun repair needs of our community. 

Our rates are reasonable and any client presenting a challenge that is just impossible will be told that upfront, vs. the analysis fee that some may charge.


If it goes bang from .17 to 20mm....I have seen it and I can fix it



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